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  1. Which style would you pick?

  2. ...wherever it may take you!

  3. Everything about this picture is fabulous! 󾌧 / Photo credit: @bree_pie

  4. Happy Independence Day!

  5. Don't let your hair suffer just because you're running late! Check out these quick and easy hairstyles:

  6. I love the look of these rainbow curls!

  7. Now that's what I call

  8. Whether you're watching a parade, having a BBQ, or enjoying a fireworks display, make sure your hair is ready to...

  9. Your skin tone could be the key to picking your next hair hue!

  10. Double the fun!

  11. Yup, even RiRi loves it bright!

  12. Go all out this summer!

  13. Stay away from salt water and chlorine to keep your color bright - but if you have to take a dip, coat your hair...

  14. Match your color with your style!

  15. Make sure the styling products you're using are alcohol-free!

  16. I really wanted to kick this summer giveaway off right, so I’ve put together $100 in prizes! If you love bright...

  17. How about experimenting with pastel colors? :)

  18. Who says your age should define your style? ;)

  19. A must-try!

  20. Another reason to stock up on tea! Find out more:

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