5 Easy Rockabilly Looks for Long Hair

Taming your mane is no easy task some days, especially if you are short on time (as we all are in the mornings!) The great thing is you’ve got beautiful, long hair and that gives you options – specifically, these 5 rockabilly looks – and so much more!

#1 Victory Rolls

Some up, some down, great swirls up front, this style was created to impress. Invented in the 40s, when bobby pins were scarce and women needed to keep their hair out of their face. Here are two tutorials (one for no bangs and one with bangs) by Cherry Dollface:

#2 Pompadour

Named after Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV, this voluminous, elegant style was worn by Bette Davis, Betty Grable, Elvis Presley and more. Learn how to get the look with this tutorial by eHow:

#3 Pin Up Swirl

A variation on the classic victory roll style, the pin up swirl gives your neck a little breathing space without taking away from your epic sense of style. Watch Pinup Doll Ashley Marie as she walks you through the process:

#4 Vintage Beehive

While the beehive isn’t “technically” from the rockabilly era (it was developed in 1960), it really starts a buzz. This tutorial by Vintagious will show you how to get the crowds humming:

#5 Rockabilly Bandana

Whichever rockabilly hairstyle you choose, don’t forget to add a bandana. Great for any occasion – use it to cover a bad hair day, add a bit of rock-and-roll to your formal attire or even wear it up to the beach to look classy in those waves. Channel your inner Rosie the Riveter with this tutorial by Pin Up Passion:

Bonus: 3 Styles to try with Bangs

Not sure what to do with those bangs hanging over you? Well, Ebony Busk walks us through three quick, easy and rockin’ styles:

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