When Should You Use On Scalp vs. Off Scalp Bleach

When you walk into the store to choose a bleach product, be sure to check the packaging so you know exactly what you’re getting. You have two application choices: on scalp or off.

On Scalp Bleach

If you’re bleaching all of your hair, say going from a dark color to platinum or bleaching to remove an old color before trying something new, you want on scalp bleach. And generally you should use a weaker developer, such as a 10 or 20vol.

Off Scalp Bleach

Off scalp bleach, though, is best used if you just want highlights or any other time you’re not going for a whole-head application. If you accidentally get off scalp bleach on your scalp, you may end up with burns or sores on your skin. Some people say they use off scalp bleach on their scalps just fine, but why risk it?

Check out this video for in-depth explanation for how to mix and apply an on scalp oil bleach:

Violet-Based Toners

Also, while we’re on the subject on choosing bleaches, be sure to pick out a violet-based toner. Why? Violet-based bleaches remove the red, yellow, or brassy tint that you sometimes get when taking hair from dark to blonde.

Learn more about choosing a toner with this video:

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