7 Easy DIY T-Shirt Designs That Are As Awesome As Your Hair

Our motto here at Sugar Skull Life is “Life is to short for boring hair.” We love it, live by it, and want to share that belief with the world.

We wanted to create a shirt that would be as epic and unique as the beautiful individuals we see here everyday that completely embody the Sugar Skull Life.

I will be honest with you… we had a hard time picking a design that was as unique as you ladies.  But then we took a long hard look at the definition of unique.

Unique: being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

What’s the point of making a shirt about being unique if everybody else has the exact same one! So we went with a simple design, but instead wanted to encourage everyone to make the shirt their own!

You can buy your shirt HERE! Below we have gathered some shirt customization ideas. We are here to encourage your uniqueness not take it away.  So bleach dye it, cut it up, or do a combination of both. Make your shirt as amazingly unique as you are!

OOH… when you customize your shirt make sure to tag us in it! If you instagramfacebook, or tweet we would love to see what you all come up with!

1. Adam Saaks, The King of Cut Up Tees

2.Tessarr Goad Bleach Dye Tutorial

3. Basic Weave Cut Up Tutorial

4. Dip Dye Ombre(Bleach) Tutorial

5. DreamCatcher Tutorial

6. Skull & Skeleton Cut Up Tutorial

7. 5 DIY Cut Up T-shirt Designs

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