What To Eat For Healthier Hair

Coloring our hair is a blast; whether you change it with the season or just when your previous color fades, the feeling is indescribable. The effect all this treatment has on our hair is also indescribable, for a very different reason. There’s hope though! Eating the right food can help your hair withstand the color change. There are 8 vitamins and nutrients that keep your hair healthy:

  • Protein – makes your hair strong and supple; prevents breakage
  • Iron – prevents hair loss (consume with vitamin C)
  • Vitamin A – promotes sebum creation, which keeps scalp and hair hydrated
  • Vitamin C – strengthens capillaries that hold the hair to your head
  • Vitamin E – protects hair from sun damage (consume with zinc)
  • Omega-3 – creates the oils that keep scalp and hair hydrated
  • Zinc – protects scalp and prevents hair loss
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7)– keeps hair soft and smooth

We’ve put together a list of 7 great foods for your hair – incorporate these into your every day diet and your hair will thank you.

#1 Omega-3 Eggs

These oval wonders contain vitamin A (5%), iron (5%), omega-3 (37mg), protein (6g), zinc (4%) and biotin (27%).

#2 Avocado

At your next party, don’t skimp on the guacamole. Avocados contain protein (3g), vitamins A (4%), C (25%) and E (16%), iron (5%) and omega-3 (165mg).

#3 Salmon

Baked and flaking, salmon is high in omega-3 (4023mg) and contains protein (39g), vitamins A (2%) and C (11%), iron (5%), zinc (5%) and biotin (15%). Make pan-seared salmon with ginger-lime sauce and peanuts to get all 8 vitamins and nutrients in one dish!

#4 Peanuts (or lentils or any other legume)

Legumes are among the healthiest of the vegetable family, with peanuts and lentils getting top marks for hair impact. They contain protein (24g), iron (28%), vitamin E (20%), zinc (35%) and biotin (88%).

#5 Spinach

Popeye the Sailor Man was really onto something with his can of spinach. Not only is spinach high in vitamins A (49%) and C (28%), it also contains vitamin E (20%), protein (1g), iron (2%), omega-3 (37mg) and zinc (1%).

#6 Pumpkin seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds make an excellent snack. They are also another great way to keep your hair healthy with loads of iron (188%), protein (75g), zinc (113%), vitamins A (17%) and C (7%) and omega-3 (377mg).

#7 Chicken

The all-purpose, crowd-pleasing meat gives you (and your hair) a real boost with protein (42g), iron (8%), vitamin A (3%) and zinc (10%). Spice it up with avocado.

*All percentages are the percentage of daily values for adults – basically, they’re the percentages you see on the nutrition label on any food item.

Sources: SELFNutritionData, Dietitians of Canada: Food Sources of Vitamin E, The World’s Healthiest Food: Biotin

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