Celebrate in Style: 7 DIY Red, White & Blue Do’s

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. Make a statement with your ‘do this year, show your patriotism and impress your friends with one of these red, white and blue hair dos!

#1 Chunks

red white blue horizontal

Basic, easy and oh-so stunning, the three-color chunk dye will impress without the stress. Pick up your patriotic hair colors, separate your locks into three parts (tie them off with hair clips while you work) and go crazy. Be creative with how you separate your hair!

#2 Layers

pinterest red white blue

Photo care of Millie Rodriguez (via Pinterest)

Layers are dramatic. They’re coy and mysterious. They’re also really rockin’ when you style it right. For this look, instead of dividing your hair into chunks with hair ties, use a comb to separate it into three sections – front of head, middle and back/base – and clip them up to keep it separate. Color and wrap each section in tinfoil, starting with the base. Let it set and voilà – beautiful red, white and blue hair!

#3 Ombre with a Twist

Red white blue ombre

Want to try something different? Put a fun twist on the ombre style with red, white and blue. Watch this tutorial by Sheling Beauty, just replace pink, purple and blue in the video with red, white and blue!

#4 Stars & Stripes & Rainbows

Transform your head into the flag and stride proudly to your festivities.

#5 Extensions

Not ready to re-dye your hair just yet? Try some synthetic hair extensions patterned to look like the American flag.

#6 Slick Back Hair

Rock it out by combining the red, white and blue color with this slick backed look – it’ll keep your hair out of your face while you party, Fourth of July style.

#7 Accessorize

The easiest way to add a little bit of red, white and blue to your hairstyle this independence day is to add some accessories. A flag bandana (match it up with some victory rolls), red, white and blue ribbons, bows and more – the sky’s the limit!

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