17 Frustrations of Bright Colored Hair

Our love for the bright colors is our crowning glory – literally! But this love comes with some burdensome side effects. From being bombarded with other people’s opinions to dealing with the daily shower scrub down, these irritations, frustrations and annoyances are our constant companions.

#1 Constant, never-ending upkeep

Bright colors fade quickly and, while we’re enjoying the effect, it often feels like our hair decides to grow even faster after we’ve found the right hue of pink. The time and effort needed to keep our locks looking perfect is almost enough to make us want to pull our hair out. Almost.

#2 Surprising color results

The box says neon blue, but it came out pale purple – what’s up with that?! Anything from poor quality dye to having a stronger base color than we thought can cause this unfortunate effect… and until our hair bounces back from it, we have to live with it. Ugh.

#3 Orange is not the new blonde

Bleaching your hair to change it up from plum to silver can lead to the dreaded orange hue. Often there’s nothing we can do but rock it. Really, I meant to do this.

#4 Stains everywhere…

Anything white in our bathroom is now the victim of tiny droplets of stained water, spraying everything from sink to ceiling! Showers now require an extra step – wiping down the porcelain.

#5 … even on our clothes…

Shirts (especially white ones), hats, scarves, sheets and pillowcases now have a lighter hue of our hair color permanently encased in their fabric.

#6 … and our skin!

Rain, sweat and tears (ok, maybe not tears) cause us to run for our designated “dye towel”. Color looks great on the hair, but not so awesome running down our face.

#7 Heavy price tags

When you add up the cost of dye, specialty shampoos and conditioners, and the cost of new towels, clothes, cleaning supplies and more, we realize just how much we’re investing to look this good. But it’s worth it!

#8 Long, hot showers are a thing of the past…

Hot water makes color fade faster, which means we’re showering in the coldest water we can bear.

#9 … as is totally clean hair

Daily shampoos (unless done with a colored hair shampoo) will cause your vibrant locks to look… not so vibrant. Cutting back on the shampoo means risking oily hair (don’t worry, we have some tips on how to fix that!)

#10 We clash with half our wardrobe

That light orange shirt we bought last month is out… wearing it with mandarin hair makes us look like a pumpkin – totally not the look we were going for!

#11 Or worse, our skin tone clashes with the dye!

Love the color, but as soon as you finish drying your hair and take a look, you realize that you are soooo not a bright yellow girl. You look like a canary and worse, your skin looks yellow now too (oh wait, that’s just a dye-stain… oh, no it isn’t).images

#12 Receiving unwanted advice…

Seems like everyone and their dog wants to tell us their opinion on our hair-color choice: “you know, you won’t be taken seriously like that”, “it’s sooooo bad for your hair”. It’s my hair, my choice. End of story.

#13 and getting asked stupid questions

Is that natural? What are you trying to prove? This is just a phase, right?

I’m out to prove that I’m more than just a girl, I’m a warrior too. No, this isn’t a phase – this is an epic battle for the right to rule! (Also, mind your own business).

#14 The constant stares

Yes, to an extent, we choose bright colors for the way it looks. But that doesn’t mean we want to be stared at like some sort of exotic animal at the zoo!

#15 Being judged solely on our hair color

Yeah, my hair is florescent green. Yours is blonde. Does the color of your hair determine how intelligent you are? Because we heard this great joke the other day…

#16 Weird celebrity comparisons

“Wow! You look just like Katy Perry!” No… no, I don’t.

#17 Color Dissatisfaction

Once you start dyeing your hair bright colors, you can’t stop. Sometimes we’re tempted to just stick with a color and be done with it. But, you know… there’s that pic we saw the other day of this great shade of turquoise…

We share in your pain! Know anyone else with bright colored hair… don’t forget to share it with them!

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