Manic Panic’s Electric Banana Turns Her Bangs Into Sunbeams

Manic_Panic’s_3If you follow us on Instagram, you got a sneak peak at my recently dyed electric banana yellow bangs. They really are as bright as the sun and I love them!

Why just my bangs?

A few months ago, I dyed all my hair purple with a blue underlayer. The purple faded out to a really nice silvery platinum blonde and ready for a new color. The blue on the other hand is a different story – it doesn’t want to leave my hair! (but we’ll save that rant for another day).

While I’m (impatiently) waiting for the blue to fade out for my next hair style – I decided to test out Manic Panic’s Electric Banana.

The picture just doesn’t do it justice ?


The Hair That Inspired Yellow Bangs

My inspiration for this (and my next hair style once the blue is out) came from – Naomi King’s Pheonix Hair tutorial


Have I mentioned that I’m waiting impatiently for the blue to come out? Yes.. well, I’ve been following a bunch of fading techniques I found over at, but in the mean time I figured I’d get started on the bangs which are totally ready for new color.

Manic Panic’s Electric Banana is A Winner

blue-green-yellow-hairElectric banana is on my “favorite” list of colors from now on because I LOVE how my yellow bangs turned out.  I’m going to be experimenting with it for a few hair styles. I think it would look great with bold purple hair and Electric Banana tips. Or or even something like this …since I already have the blue.  ?

What do you think… Have you had yellow hair before? How’d you style it? Share a pic with us over over on Facebook

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