25 Women That Rocked Split Dyed Hair

We’ve seen this style popping up around the internet – on Pinterest, in hair ‘do lists, as a sidebar in that article you read the other day. Now it’s time to highlight the 25 women (of the internet) who are rocking the split-dyed hair and inspiring us to do the same!

1. This bold blue beauty

2. And this soft cyan sweetheart

3. Rigor Mortis’s Punk’d out do

4. And this honey’s more subdued, cute purple-black

5. The girl’s dramatic pastel approach

6. This cotton-candy colored rock star

7. And this cute purple-pink sweetie

8. This belle’s addition of white

9. This lady bringing in a dramatic contrast

10. This doll’s addition of a rockin’ hat and some tats


11. Lovin’ this miss in double buns


12. And this dame’s black-blonde pin up swirl

13. Mixin’ it up with a purple-black quasi-beehive

14. Her pin-up inspired black-green split

15. This long-haired selfie-star

16. This Vogue Espana model’s dramatic fuchsia (and serious face, whoa)


17. And this punk’s orange and blonde hawk

18. Her rock ‘n roll vibrant purple and blue

19. Her subtle fire tones (hint, red and orange!)

20. This bold wine-lover


21. And this bold babe

22. Alternatively, this natural-hued beauty

23. And this long-haired, au naturel cutie

24. This fashionista’s variation on the split

25. Last but not least, this unknown lady’s sharp braid

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